Sunday, October 5, 2014

Googly Eye Head Band

I was again searching Pinterest and found a cool Head Band idea using Googly Eyes. This was way cheap, I bought four sets of plastic head bands from the Dollar Store, they come two in a set. I also purchased four bags of regular black google eyes, which had different sizes in them and in a splurge which I didn't use but thought maybe I would, I bought four packs of colored googly eyes. So if you did choose which eyes you want and I do have googly eyes left over for different projects although I did use almost all the big eyes up, you could end up only spending $8 with tax. Less if your not making them for your daughters Gymnastic Friends.

 Here are the plastic head bands that I got from my local Dollar Store.
 My four packs of black Googly Eyes.
 I started out by hot gluing two large Googly Eyes to the center of the top of the plastic head band.
 Use a small dot for the small Googly Eyes, I added two after the larger two.
 A larger line for the big Googly Eyes.
Continue with the pattern but don't go all the way down, I left some spots open on the bottom to allow room for behind the ears so they don't hurt.
Some basic supplies I use I purchase from Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s with coupons or on sale
Hobby Lobby brand is called The Paper Studio
their website is
Micheal’s brand is called Recollections
their website is
Dollar Store site

I will be giving these out in Alivia's Gymnastic treat bags for Halloween, she has about 5 to 6 friends and 1 coach.

Alivia is almost three and she thinks their awesome, Alexis is almost six and she didn't think they were that cool, she called them boyish.

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