Thursday, October 2, 2014

Halloween Gift Card Holder #1

How about a Cute Gift Card holder for this post, there are a million possibilities with this Stampin UP die set.

 I found out after making these that you don't nee this much super sticky tape, the top two can be shorter and the bottom flap all you need is the left and right side and a little shorter. So just for small pieces of your favorite strong tape.  You will see in a photo bellow I changed my mind and used a black envelope and added less strong tape.

I am using a heavy weight card stock for cutting out the Gift Card Die from Stampin UP.

I used some pattern paper from a 6X6 Halloween paper pack, I ended up cutting it shorter because it was to wide when I was putting it together.
 I used a Stamps of Life stamp set and coordinating dies called pumpkins2cut and Stampin Up ink ink Pumpkin Pie and Gumball Green. I selective stamped the greeting to make it long instead of stacked., The banned die I used came from the die set that also had the Gift Card die, its from Stampin UP.
Finished Gift Card Holder, I think its super awesome.

This is how the die is easily cut in the big shot, a 6X6 piece of paper is the perfect size that I found out later on, this one is a 6X11.
pumpkins2cute can be found here.
To find a Stampin UP demon click here.

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