Friday, April 24, 2015

Re-Ink Stampin UP markers

Often times my reds/pinks and neutral Stampin UP writer markers dry out.  The pen tip side.

Since I am now begin to label my re-inkers to help me find them easier, Click Here to see how I have been doing this, I figured if I also need to re-ink my markers I can take the time and label like my ink pads.

I will warn you I totally over inked this marker because I forgot you only need around 20-25 drops at first then check the next day. I think I added around 50 which made my marker leak and I kept it on my table and checked it often and let the excess ink soak onto a paper towel/kleenex.

 Start off by getting your marker uncapped and re-inker open.

I am using an old pair of tweezers.
 Gently pull out the nib of the marker and set on some paper towels or kleenex.

Add about 20-25 drops slowly allowing them to go down the tube.

Gently push back the marker nib in using the tweezers to help not get your hands inky.

Leave marker flat on the table overnight to let the ink settle.

Some basic supplies I use I purchase from Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s with coupons or on sale
Hobby Lobby brand is called The Paper Studio
their website is
Micheal’s brand is called Recollections
their website is
Target Store siet

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