Thursday, April 23, 2015

Stampin UP, Labeling Re-Inkers, Ink Pads

So I have been wanting to label my re-inkers for a long time but not know the right way but I finally found a solution from a you tube video. I also applied this solution to add to my ink pads as well.

All my Stampin UP re-inkers are ontop of my ink caddy and I have to dig threw to find the one I need. Now when I need to re-ink I will do this each time until all my pads are re-inked.

 Here I just took a hole punch and punched out three circles in the card stock color that matches my ink.

I added some Tombow glue and attached one circle on top of the re-inker.
 Here my ink pad is open, I added an additional circle to the lid.

When you close the ink pad the label is on the top and the circle is right below it.
 Here the ink pad is still open and I added the third circle inside the lid.

Here this ink pad is Smokey Slate from Stampin UP and it seems I need to re-ink this often because it seems to get dry fast and also because I do enjoy this color and use it often, its a good neutral.

I used 50 drops of re-inker first and then smoothed it out with a bone folder and then applied 50 more drops and smoothed out again.

There is still 3/4 bottle left of re-inker.

My demo is Jenny Rast Find a Stampin UP demon here

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