Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Goals for March 2017

Today is the last day of February 2017 and I have been thinking the last week that I need to make some Crafty Goals.

I look at my Craft Space and I see tons of stuff, overwhelmed from the stuff but again I got deals and may use it sometime.

 So here is my garbage bin next to my big shot.
 Its all cleaned out now.
My garbage bin is empty too.

What does that mean, starting fresh clean slate.

I am also going to use a bin to place products I have used up during the month of March.

I would like to spend 5, yes FIVE days a week down in my craft room, even if it is only 30 minutes at the least hours on end.

I would like to create 10 cards, whether they are all different or multiples.

I would like to Scrapbook or Pocket Style/Project Life.  Lets say complete 4 Designs.

I would like to spent $50 to $100 only on supplies.

I would like to use supplies that I have not in months, this may be a challenge, I will have to keep a log of what I use and hopefully in a few months I will know what to use and what to choose.

I would like to have 10-15 Blog Posts.

I had 13 in January and 18 in February.

Re Asses these Goals and Progress March 31.

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