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Project Life Mini Kit Christmas Wishes

Here is a picture overview and my thoughts on the Becky Higgins Project Life Mini Kit called Christmas Wishes.

Becky Higgins shop online does not have this kit on their site but other online craft stores can still have it.  I purchased mine at Micheal's.

There are alot of pictures so there I warned you.

 This mini kit has 70 Chipboard Embellishments but I would NOT call them chipboard.

I would say they are less them heavy weight card stock.
 There is a very good variety at least two of each sometimes more of the same design which is nice.
 These elements would be nice if I used some on the girls books that I wrap each year for Christmas bed time reading, just use your tape runner adhesive and place on the wrapped books.
There seems to be the right amount of silver foil in each embellishment but I would not use too many one any one page.
 Here are all the 4X6 that are orientated to as I would call the tall side.

They are not double sided but you get two of each design.

I noticed 10 cards in the tall side design.
 Some close ups, the windows have the foil on them.

This reminds me of too Grandmothers house we go.
 There are also a decent amount of filler cards and journal cards in this kit.

Look at that elf, I think I know exactly where he will go in our December Stories album.

The one with milk and cookies on the bottom would be perfect for baking cookies or having coco and cookies during story time.
 The naughty/nice is a fun one to make a layout playful.

The brown in some of these cards is a nice rich dark chocolate brown.

This dashing threw the snow would be fun for a sleding photo or just walking in the snow.
 I like how they also encourperated some red and green into the mix as well.
 The believe card would be nice for story time before Santa comes and the sweet card would work if your making Christmas candies for friends and family.

That sweet card could also work with our sill elf when he grew candy canes last Christmas.
 This love is in the air card would work if your kissing your love under the mistle toe or even embarrassing you kids too.
 Here are the 5 side view 3X4 cards.

So that make a total of 30 one sided 3X4 cards in 15 designs with and extra card of each design.
 The blues go with the sliver perfectly.

I picture this card together when we make bird seed feeders.

We made some for the teachers for Thanksgiving but could see changing it up and giving them in the winter time, maybe a January gift.

This card does not scream Christmas!
 This green and brown work well together too and could be paired with gingerbread house making.

We also like to make cinnamon gingerbread ornaments and this card would work well together.
 This card would be pretty for a title but its not really my style but I could try and make it work, maybe if the birds are eating the bird seed.

Could also use as a gift topper, just put tape runner adhesive on the back and the persons name on the front.
 This card is not my style at all so I could RAK this to crafty friends or let my girls have one of each.

But I could see it used when your kids make a letter to Santa or if you track with the Santa app and screen shot it and print it out for your album.
This one is the super pretty dark chocolate brown color and I think I would use it to cut out a circle and possibly use it on a card instead of my album.
 Now the 4X6 in the side view.

There are 8 signle sided with an extra one of each design as well.

A good mix of journal cards and filler cards.
 This one is cute with the red and silver but again I do not believe I would use this in my album.
 This one I would cut down and remove the mints on the bottom and could see it as a title for a normal scrapbook layout.
 This one again would be good if you use the Santa tracker app and screen shot some pictures.

Or part of sending your childs letter to Santa.
 Again the gingerbread for baking cookies or crafts.

I am not a fan of the ho ho ho but I can see my self cutting it down and re rounding the corners and adding it to a normal scrapbook page.
 If your into snow glowbs then this is the card for you.

I can again see my self cutting it in half and using it for a traditional scrapbook page.
 This one is cute if your family goes caroling or your children have school programs.

Or just signing in the car.
 This one can be good for just about anything, the beging of the album, middle, or end.

even can be used for a card if cut down a little and re round the corners.
Here are the three tall 4X6 cards, these are just filler cards.
 This one can be used all over your album too because it says a hodpodge of things during Christmas time and has that nice deep green with silver color.
 Again the nice dark chocolate brow, this can be used again for mailing Santas list, Christmas cards, Santa App, or even wrapping gifts.
 Here are the last four that can be used either direction.

They are 4X6.

So again 30 4X6 cards, 15 designs and 2 of each design.
 The snowflake card is very versatile along with the holly card.
I am not sure about the one on the left, I think I will give that too my girls as well but the one on the right would work for journaling

And that is it in a nutshell, I will link to projects I have done with this kit when they get done.

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