Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stamp and Die set Reference

Here is the spot where I will hopefully fill these posts with what Stamps and Dies I have in my collection, I will update it as I use them.

I am also printing a black and white image of the stamps and dies using images from Pinterest or Google and provideing links to purchase when I can, sometimes things are discontinued but you can find them on Ebay, Etsy, or selling groups on line like Facebook or YouTube.

After each photo of the product I will provide link to cards I have made using the product.

My hope is by doing this and having these print outs I will be able to purchase things accordingly without doubleing up and also if I want to make a specific card I can look in the binder and be like Hey I have all these Coffee Stamps and Dies lets pull them out and see what I can create.

I am using a simple three ring binder and might need to add more depending on how far I will go with this project and if I find it useful.

 Here is the note book and three ring binder I will be using.  I am only using the note book to tear out the pages from it since I do not have any loose leaf paper at the moment.
 I print out my stamp and die sets via my wifi network to my printer that is conveniantly located in my craft room and I do print this on heavy weight white card stock that I purchase from Hobby Lobby when its on sale.

Most times I print on the Micheal's 65 pound card stock but I wanted this to be dourable.
 I hold punch them, in the end if this works out like I hope I believe I will laminate them to make them even more sturdier but time will tell to see if I stick with this project and continue to add to it.
 I have an old pack of River Rock card stock from Stampin UP, its an old retierd color that I will use to divide up my catagories.

I am also adding the loose leaf paper between layers.
 I used two hexagon punches from some scrap heavy weight white card stock and the mini stapler to attach them.

I also use a Stampin Write marker to mark Coffee on the label.

All from Stampin UP
 After the River Rock card stock paper divider I used a loose leaf sheet of paper to write what stamp and die set I had finished.

Again this may change but for now this is how I am doing this.
 I also decided to stamp the stamp set on Vellum that I hole punched and then cut to around the 4X6 size.

My idea is to have the stamp sets stamped and added to easily see the size of the stamps for reference.
 I used the wrong ink, I tried blotting it off and it was still wet.
 So I heat set it using some clear embossing powder on front.  Not perfect but I can see each stamp so that is all that matters.
I also cut out the dies to have a reference as to how big, I am decideing if I should add some size guidlines as well.

I hope to reference this post when I am creating other posts.

What I mean is I am going to make a post with all my Coffee Stamp and Die sets and in the begining I will reference this link so you can see how I put it together, well the binder I mean.

I hope to also reference behind the photos of the Stamps and Dies what/where/when I blog posted about a card I used the product in.

Some basic supplies I use I purchase from Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s with coupons or on sale
Hobby Lobby brand is called The Paper Studio
their website is
Micheal’s brand is called Recollections
their website is
Target Store site

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These ARE NOT affliate links, no way involved with these company’s, I just love their products. These are links to their stores.

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