Thursday, February 28, 2013

Quick Tip #1

I just hate opening and closing the plastic baggies that stamps and dies come in and other sorts of scrap booking/card making goodies.

I have really been trying to organize/rearrange/go threw/purge my craft room so I can be better a better crafter.

My girls, Lexi age 4 and Miss Pivia age 16 months have a little living room adjacent to my craft room, I am also working on redoing that so they can better play and be occupied so I can play in my craft room too.

I am recently into the Dies and Stamp combos and have gotten some over these past months. NEW addiction as my hubby calls it.

Here is a way I found to store one of my Combos.

This is the Lawn fawn Summer Time Charm dies/Stamp set I just got yesterday ;).

These are adhesive backed magnetic sheets from Walmart, 2 in a back.

An empty CD case.
I measured the inside panel of the CD case and cut it out of one of the magnetic sheets.

Peel off the backing, FYI very sticky.

Apply to the inside of case.
Had to pre occupy Pivia, I moved my chair to the middle and she would push it around and chase it.

Good for 15 minutes of fun.
She's checking out underneath.
Trying to say in baby talk, 1 2 3
Scrap card stock I stamped the matching stamps to dies
Using washi tape I put the framelets/dies on top and ran them threw my cuttle bug.

1. Big white plate
2. C plate
3. paper/dies
4. B plate
that's my combo
This is what the outside looks like. I put the name of the die/stamp set also the die cut images and the back has the other stamps that go with the set. Attached with ATG tape. The dies are on the inside. I also used a Sharpie on my stamp set and wrote that I have the Matching Dies that go with it.

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