Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Horse Birthday For a Girl

Yay, Cricut Machine I have missed you, I got a request at work to make a Horse Birthday card for a girl and I had no stamps or paper that is rodeo or horse themed. Probably because I only have girls in the house so I may need to keep an eye out for horse things in the near future.

I decided to look through my Cricut Cartridge's and I found Create A Critter and on Page 59 in the hand book there was a HORSE, YAY, found my starting point. The next thing I did was grab my Gypsy and size the horse and hide the marks that I didn't not want the Cricut to cut, I guess I have herd people call those marks, "Tick Marks".

Found a  stripped pink paper from a Studio G 6x6 paper pad that I had recently purchased from Micheals and also used some Recollection Floral Embellishment's that Micheals had on clearance a very long time ago and made a nice embellishment to go on top of the bandanna. The pearl is a light pink and also from the Recollections brand.

I used scraps of Recollection paper for my horse and words, they were cut at 2.5 inches. My poor Cricut mat is getting less sticky and I cant part to open a new one up so I have been using some old Washi tape that I had a double of to tape my paper to my mat, Hey it works so why not.

The Twine is not really Twine, I guess this product is called Floss and its from Sew Easy and in the color of Pine cone.

I used Scriblles 3D paint in Shiny Black for the hooves and eyes and as you can see by the picture i smeared it at the very end, ERRRRR.   Redo and Re cut, such is life.

The inside is a dollar stamp that just say "Live it up its your Birthday".

Finished Card.

Close up of the face and flower embellishment on the bandanna.

Side view, Horse is on dimensional.
My poor poor Cricut mat.

A little tip, I put some adhesive on the ends and that way I don't was as much wrapping it around the card and then enforce with some Washi Tape that I have a double of or that I don't care for.

EEK, I always smear, well at least 75% of the time.

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