Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Prepping for Watercolor for Card Makers Class

So there is a little prep work before class starts Monday May 5th, and since I signed up so late I'm going to get a post done with each set of water mediums I have

One thing was to gather your supplies "shop your stash" I did need to purchase a few things, more water color paper and some brushes, I also bought with coupons some new watercolor mediums.

Another was to make some samples of watercolors, swatches I guess would be the term.

For my swatches I am going to use some watercolor paper that I purchased from Hobby Lobby, I like to stock up when they are on sale which seems like maybe one time a month.  The paper for my swatches is by Masters Touch, its 140 pound cold press weight, you can get 12 sheets sized 6 X 8 for 2.99 regular or wait tell they go on sale.  There is multiple sizes and different brands at both Hobby Lobby and Micheal's as well as on line stores.

My first swatches will be my Inktense pencils, and I have to admit that I have had these for at least a month and tonight was the first time I opened them, I purchased them after watching a you tuber use them.

Inktense water color pencils 12 pack originally 35.00 but I used a 40% off couple a couple weeks ago at Hobby Lobby

Ha, I should have rotated this but oh well, I did a thick like of the pencil and a light line then wrote the name of the color.

They really are intense colors even the light marks are still decently bright.

All done and a nice variety of color.

Using the water brush they cleaned up nice and only used one baby wipe, so pretty.
If you would like to sign up for the watercolor for cardmarkers class its only 25.00 and you get lifetime access and you can go at your own pace. there are a variety of other classes as well.

Here is the LINK

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