Sunday, September 29, 2013

Get the moset of a 12X12 sheet of paper #2

As I am trying to stay up tell 3am to prepare for a weekend of grave yard shifts I discovered another way to cut up your 12X12 paper to get different usage out of it.

This time I got 2 6X6 pieces, 2 4X6 Project Life cards and 2 3X4 Project Life cards.

and intro to the photos below....

Cut up

Yep 4 sheets of patterned paper (not super thick paper) into my Stampin up Corner rounder that's attached to the Envelope Punch Board.

Left shows the 2 6X6 Pieces that you can use for card making or whatever you like, the top 2 on the right are the 4X6 Project Life cards and the bottom right are the 2 3X4 Project life cards.
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